Are you an occupational therapist or pediatric specialist seeking a quick and easy reference tool for developmental milestones?

New Fourth Edition 2023

Postcard about the New 4th Edition DMG 2023!

Introducing the Updated and Expanded 4th Edition Developmental Milestones Guide: a comprehensive reference tool that’s perfect for the use of screenings, assessments, and goal-writing.


Are you a parent interested in the developmental milestones of your child?

Introducing the comprehensive reference tool that’s easy to use and understand.


Why Use the Developmental Milestones Guide?

Rather than having to sort through countless resources to find information on specific milestones and age groups, the Developmental Milestones Guide provides everything you need in one handy, portable reference guide.

  • Our guide serves as a comprehensive reference tool that’s perfect for screening and goal planning.

  • The guide covers age ranges from birth up to 21 years, and includes milestones for a wide range of developmental categories, including sensory and motor skills, social development, and language skills, to name a few.

The Developmental Milestones Guide for professionals or for parents is compiled from more than twenty developmental expert resources using leading data. We’ve done the hard part by rooting through all the research, saving you valuable time and effort and leaving you with only the best and most relevant information available. Compare the Developmental Milestones Guide to dozens of texts and research studies and see how our guide will save you hours of time, and time is money.


Both versions of The Developmental Milestones Guide are available in both digital and print format. Universities and organizations across the country are already using our guide, and occupational therapists and pediatric specialists have found it to be an essential tool that enables them to do their jobs more effectively. Parents will find it a valuable tool to use as an easy reference to check on the child’s development. Download a ready-to-use digital copy to your computer or mobile device for instant access, or order your printed copy today.


They Are Already Using Our Guide