The Developmental Milestones Guide, formerly known as the CRT (Comprehensive Resource Tool) began as a passion project by a group of therapists. This group included the owner of a pediatric clinic, school therapists, a developmental evaluation specialist, a private contractor to several school systems, pre-school therapists, and a pediatric nurse turned pediatric therapist, all of whom came together under the common goal of researching and studying evidence-based areas of child development to use in their respective pediatric careers. What this group discovered was that there was no one resource that included the depth and range of development needed for a comprehensive view of children to use in their goal writing and treatment.  Their research revealed some variations in different reference regarding age ranges in which children accomplished developmental milestones.

When the CRT was created, it was important that the individual developmental milestones had consistency across the resources used. To achieve this, milestones are sometimes recorded in age ranges, rather than a single age, at which a child would be expected to achieve a given milestone. Once this resource was completed and used in their pediatric careers, everyone involved in the CRT’s development realized that other pediatric professionals would find this a useful tool as well. This tool was particularly useful to interns, and so pediatric specialty classes at universities became the first targeted customer base of the CRT. Once the group started getting feedback from other professionals they expanded their target audience.

Today, the Developmental Milestones Guide is used by a variety of therapists and pediatric specialists. The guide is available in both digital and print format for quick and easy access.