The Developmental Milestones Guide: Parent Edition was developed for parents and those who are curious about developmental age ranges. You may be wondering about the development of your own child or grandchild, you may work in the child care business, or you may be a young person desiring to start a babysitting service. This is a guide to help you understand child development and age ranges for developmental milestones.

The original DMG was developed for and is still used across the country by occupational therapists and other pediatric specialists to provide a quick reference for developmental ranges. The DMG Parent Edition differs from other developmental checklists by including a more comprehensive list of developmental areas and addressing a wider age range, spanning birth to 21 years.

The DMG Parent Edition contains many of the same developmental milestones as the original DMG. However, the language is more user friendly and therapist specific information is removed. The information in this booklet is a collection of developmental norms based on well-respected sources which are listed under each section.

*7 business days to receive the printed booklet.
*We suggest professors have their students purchase their own ebooks.